Tony Ford - Co-founder, President, and Chairman of the Board

Jeffrey Christophersen - Co-founder and Treasurer

Jace Ahboah - Secretary

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I was born in Northern California and moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon when I was five years old. I was raised with good morals and values with importance placed on education, family and spirituality. Unfortunately, at the age of 14, I fell out of touch with God and found myself in the realm of drugs, which led to a criminal lifestyle. I was a “functioning addict,” living a double life for many years; some people knew of my addiction while many did not. Crank/Methamphetamine fueled my criminal activity for 25 years until my addiction consumed me fully. I have seen firsthand the hurt, destruction, devastation and death that addiction brings about. I entered a residential treatment center at the age of 39, where I got clean and back in touch with God and His Son, Jesus Christ, through Life Recovery Network. I know that with God as the center of my life, I cannot fail as I continue in recovery, since 2009. It has been a hard road as recovery is not easy, but it is achievable. Today I strive to help and support others in recovery and reach out to my community to spread the word: WE DO RECOVER!

Born and raised in the Klamath Falls area. I started doing drugs and alcohol at a very young age. I had no idea that later down the road it would be so hard for me to break the habit I have been doing so long. It was not until I turned 28 yrs old that I was getting into trouble with the law. I ended up on probation and was on probation for around 17 yrs, because I could not quit. Was court mandated to every Outpatient Treatment Provider in Klamath Falls and was discharged from every one of them for positive UAs. Finally my Probation Officer said I was going into Residential Treatment or 6 months or up state and I chose Residential. I was in Residential Treatment for 77 days and in that time I had to look deep at myself and who I really was and what I had become. It was ugly but I came to the conclusion that I was a sick person using A&D because I did not like myself.  Getting off the A&D was the best thing for me. The old saying goes, "that if I can do it, anyone can".  Today I have a good life. I have over 23yrs of sobriety and I am here to "Give back what was freely given to me".